The Four-date Rule

Four dates. Apparently. That’s how long a girl should wait before having sex with a guy she’s dating. Wait wasn’t that Mila Kunis’s magic number too, in ‘Friends with Benefits’?   No, this is not a statistic or average that Cosmo magazine came up with in their most recent publication, but instead Maverick’s average wait time. [...]

Thank You Mr Uber Driver, For Commenting On The Size Of My Body – And Not In A Good Way… 

I went out Friday night. Partying the night away, my friends and I were out until the wee small hours of the morning, which is pretty standard for us on a night out. Cut to home-time, and its time to order an Uber (after a trip to McDonald's - obviously). I catch my Uber, but [...]

Unrequited Love – ‘But He Doesn’t Like Me Back… Why Doesn’t He Like Me Back?’

I watched a video yesterday by a relationship guru called Matthew Hussey. He's hilarious, and made some really good points about the entire notion of unrequited love. In short we are insane. As humans, we are crazy. Why does the notion of someone not wanting us or liking us back make us more attracted to [...]

Should I Take A Leap Of Faith And Ask Him Out?

I am a massive believer in female empowerment and women making the first move. I am. I’ve said this before, and providing we are willing to take the guy out, then I think more women should be inclined to do the asking. However, as I frequently do when I am in a situation when it [...]

‘Girls Crave Attention, Because They Are Needy’ – Well That’s Not Exactly True, Is It? Here’s Why…

So this is a point that really needs to be addressed. For two reasons. One because it’s pretty much a go to response for Rocco, and half the guys I speak to, and two, because I recently came across as being needy… and borderline crazy, but that wasn’t exactly my intention… I recently read a [...]

What Men Want: Trying To Understand The Male Mind

So as I sit here on a semi-busy central at 7:53 on a Monday morning, I am once again posed with this ever constant question. What do men want? It's not exactly unknown that my love life is, in short, unsuccessful. While entertaining for those around me, and at times soul-crushing for myself, its not [...]