Thank You Mr Uber Driver, For Commenting On The Size Of My Body – And Not In A Good Way… 

I went out Friday night. Partying the night away, my friends and I were out until the wee small hours of the morning, which is pretty standard for us on a night out. Cut to home-time, and its time to order an Uber (after a trip to McDonald's - obviously). I catch my Uber, but [...]

A Fear Of The Scales? Let’s Conquer It…

For anyone trying to lose weight, it's always difficult when it comes to the time to step on the scales. I'm not sure about you, but i used to dread it. I also became a little obsessed with it too. Before training with Jack, it was a daily constant, stepping on the scales to see [...]

Girls That Lift…

Girls, ladies, my fellow females… you know, I’mma just come right out and ask… Why don’t you like the free-weights section in the gym? You know, that place where the squat racks and the dumbbells are? Now, my Gym is David Lloyds in Sudbury Hill. Granted, there are some women who use the weights area… [...]

Strength Training and Insecurity… Ironic, isn’t it?

Weight loss is a struggle... Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it (arguably obsessed or highly passionate, take your pick). I know I do, I’ve become immensely zealous about it. I like planning my meals, and my workouts, adapting them as my body and my goals change. I also like the learning. With [...]

London Vitality 10,000, Finish Line, 10k, 10km race

Race to the Finish Line: The London Vitality 10,000

On Monday 30th May (my birthday…) a very close and long-time friend of mine and I took part in the Vitality London 10k race. Now you may not think that this is much of an achievement, but I assure you, it is. Looking back at this time a year ago, the thought of running, or [...]