Flirting Whilst in a Relationship: Harmless, or a Blatant Act of Cheating?

I’m plagued with the topic of cheating. Conflicted with the thoughts of why people cheat. Is it animal? Is it unhappiness? With their partner? With themselves? Is it expected from men? Do we overly judge women when we discover that they are in fact the guilty party? As you can see, a lot of questions [...]

Can Men and Women Ever Really Just Be Friends?

As J–Hus made clear to us that he ‘wanna get friendly with her…’ and definitely not meaning just as a platonic friend, I wanted to raise the question of whether men and women can indeed just be friends at all. I have a couple of really good friends that are guys. They are my confidants, [...]

The Four-date Rule

Four dates. Apparently. That’s how long a girl should wait before having sex with a guy she’s dating. Wait wasn’t that Mila Kunis’s magic number too, in ‘Friends with Benefits’?   No, this is not a statistic or average that Cosmo magazine came up with in their most recent publication, but instead Maverick’s average wait time. [...]

#MeToo, Weinstein, Feminism and #IDidThat

First of all, let me begin by saying no, I am not someone who needs to say that it has happened to #MeToo. It hasn’t. Part of what I am about to write will naturally cover the hashtag, the current noise around sexual assault and the all too negative perception and lack of respect of, [...]

Rejection: It’s Okay to Lose Sometimes

'Rejection sucks! With every no, or I'm not feeling this, or I don't want anything right now, I feel as though the problem is unambiguously me. Honestly, I’m rejected even when there are no real tell-tale signs that it is going badly. Either that or I am blinded to it. That could be it. Perhaps [...]

Baby Got Back… But Should Specific Body Features, Be A Fashion Statement?

‘I like big butts and I cannot lie’, I know, that’s song is in your head now, isn’t it?! #sorrynotsorry. I do like big butts. Not in the way that the song dictates, but due to the fact that society is fast embracing a woman with curves. Specifically, a woman with a bum. A societal [...]


Love. A word recognised the world over. Four little letters that bear the most weight of any word within the English language. One syllable that can change your life forever... It's a gift being loved and to love someone. A gift we often don't realise we have received until it's gone. Not only is it [...]

The Circle: An Almost Crude Explanation of Our Societal Future

Last Saturday night was one I spent very much at home on the sofa. Having had a busy few weeks and an... eventful Friday night out with my sister and cousin, Saturday night was for staying in. Gladly so too. I took this rare opportunity not to catch up on the first episode of this [...]