The Four-date Rule

Four dates. Apparently. That’s how long a girl should wait before having sex with a guy she’s dating. Wait wasn’t that Mila Kunis’s magic number too, in ‘Friends with Benefits’?   No, this is not a statistic or average that Cosmo magazine came up with in their most recent publication, but instead Maverick’s average wait time. [...]

#MeToo, Weinstein, Feminism and #IDidThat

First of all, let me begin by saying no, I am not someone who needs to say that it has happened to #MeToo. It hasn’t. Part of what I am about to write will naturally cover the hashtag, the current noise around sexual assault and the all too negative perception and lack of respect of, [...]

Rejection: It’s Okay to Lose Sometimes

'Rejection sucks! With every no, or I'm not feeling this, or I don't want anything right now, I feel as though the problem is unambiguously me. Honestly, I’m rejected even when there are no real tell-tale signs that it is going badly. Either that or I am blinded to it. That could be it. Perhaps [...]


Love. A word recognised the world over. Four little letters that bear the most weight of any word within the English language. One syllable that can change your life forever... It's a gift being loved and to love someone. A gift we often don't realise we have received until it's gone. Not only is it [...]

The Circle: An Almost Crude Explanation of Our Societal Future

Last Saturday night was one I spent very much at home on the sofa. Having had a busy few weeks and an... eventful Friday night out with my sister and cousin, Saturday night was for staying in. Gladly so too. I took this rare opportunity not to catch up on the first episode of this [...]

It’s a Numbers Game

Readers, I am currently writing to you from a rather gloriously sunny beach on the Island of Pag in Croatia. A remixed version of Ed Sheeran's Shape of You is blasting through the sound system of Aquarius club on this interesting party Island, and after a week at Fresh Island Festival, I have a few [...]

A Letter To The Broken-hearted

Hey you, yes you. I know you are hurting, and you are allowed to. It’s come as a shock; it has to us all. I just want to ask one thing of you, please don’t ever let this change you for the worse. You are a beautiful person, every part of you is. It’s your [...]