Can Men and Women Ever Really Just Be Friends?

As J–Hus made clear to us that he ‘wanna get friendly with her…’ and definitely not meaning just as a platonic friend, I wanted to raise the question of whether men and women can indeed just be friends at all. I have a couple of really good friends that are guys. They are my confidants, [...]


Love. A word recognised the world over. Four little letters that bear the most weight of any word within the English language. One syllable that can change your life forever... It's a gift being loved and to love someone. A gift we often don't realise we have received until it's gone. Not only is it [...]

First Date Don’ts…

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been on a really amazing first date, but the person you were seeing never followed up for a second or even texted you back? So I’ve been in both situations, one where I was ghosted after the date, and also been the person to say that [...]

Thank You Mr Uber Driver, For Commenting On The Size Of My Body – And Not In A Good Way… 

I went out Friday night. Partying the night away, my friends and I were out until the wee small hours of the morning, which is pretty standard for us on a night out. Cut to home-time, and its time to order an Uber (after a trip to McDonald's - obviously). I catch my Uber, but [...]

Should I Take A Leap Of Faith And Ask Him Out?

I am a massive believer in female empowerment and women making the first move. I am. I’ve said this before, and providing we are willing to take the guy out, then I think more women should be inclined to do the asking. However, as I frequently do when I am in a situation when it [...]

Powerful Women: Let’s Remind Ourselves Just How Capable We Are

Of late, I have found myself becoming utterly obsessed with the way I look. I battle with this constant feeling of not meeting societal expectations. Not being pretty enough to be noticed. Not being attractive enough for myself. Not being enough of the physical ‘arm candy’ that we have come to believe we should be. [...]