Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Guy’s it’s been a while since I’ve written anything at all. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve found true love, but I’d be lying… But finding love in the foreseeable future, will – for me anyway – be nigh impossible during the Coronavirus pandemic… However, there are positives. At any family gathering going forward, when asked if I have a boyfriend yet, I can absolutely and exclusively blame COVID-19 and not the fact that not a single person is remotely interested, or that I make it incredibly difficult to love me…

But seriously, what will happen to the current dating game of grocery shopping for a lover on an app during this pandemic and thereafter?

Social Distancing

I don’t know about you, but I’m staying away from the rest of the world right now… mainly because I got kissed on Friday night and by Monday had to put myself into self-isolation because I got a fever… I’m fine, but I reckon my date may have wanted to kill me… So, how are people doing it?

Online dating  / app dating is effectively us swiping right on faces we think we’d be happy to… you know… until they match us back and I drop my killer one liner ‘On a scale of one to popping champagne, how excited are you that we matched?’ – seriously, it works like a charm – meet up with them for a date, or, I know in many cases for others, go round to their house and ‘do stuff’, make a decision and then never see them again or keep them around until you find someone better.

But what do we do now? I know that Hinge is encouraging its users to ‘use their best judgement and be as safe as possible during this time, including following WHO guidelines’.  So will this mean that people will actually spend the time getting to know each other and not just hook up? Or will hooking up now look like being fully naked but with a facemask and latex gloves on your hands? And what about potential 14-day isolation with these people?! These are the life questions I have, people…

Silver Linings

I for one, hope it is actually the former. For the self-confessed, hopeless romantic that I am, I’d want to believe that we’d actually go back to being interested in learning who the other person is, because don’t they say that in the best relationships you are both best friends and lovers? Surely building that level of knowledge up, only strengthens sexual intimacy? It’s also far more fun than sleeping together so quickly to swiftly realise that you actually have nothing in common whatsoever, and you’ve wasted your time (Note, I’ve been here, it isn’t great…)

Will face timing, long phone calls and sexting flourish? Will people open up more? And when people do inevitably meet, will it be to do activities in open spaces, like walking or hiking in order to continue to learn about each other and decrease so many meaningless, pointless and disappointing encounters?

Let’s see, shall we…

So, one could argue that this is the perfect time to date. Date to find something real at least, because in slowing things down, we lose the bravado.

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