When Your Stomach is Not Yet on Flat, Flat…

I think I have plateaued. Well I’ve definitely become rather lax in my diet choices and come to think of it, my exercise choices too. Wait for it… I’ve come quite far in the last two years – yes, my not so humble, humble brag of the week right there – but I think for what I could have achieved, it’s not far enough. A simple fact that my tough-loving trainer recently reminded me of.

He’s right. Now I’m lucky in that my trainer has gotten to know me so well, that he’ll be the first to tell me where I need to improve, what’s different about me, and what to get better at. He will also – while singing my praises and achievements to the rest of the world – honestly and openly tell me directly that I need to stop wishing for the change, stop saying I’ll do something and actually do it. Hence my plateau and loss of motivation.

You see, I want to look like this:


She’s fitspo bae goals on a hundred. Well for me anyway, hence why she is my screensaver on my phone. I want to be curvy. As much as possible I’d like to keep boobs, bum, have meat on my thighs, have abs and lift and bench as heavy as I can. I’m also going to Rio Carnival in February, and if I’m honest I’m going to need to start now to get looking like this because a) I love food – it’s all I can think about and b) I love Christmas, which is basically about food… Okay so food is my downfall, and at carnival I aim to look like this:

rihanna carnival

However, I’ve lost an incredible amount of motivation of late. You’ll still find me going to the gym – I really enjoy being there – however things that I was once achieving, I no longer am. I can’t lift more than about 80kg – a place I’ve been at for a while – and can’t seem to bench more than about 30kg with a spot. My core is stronger than it has been, but between my diet of chocolate and alcohol and training with virtually no rest days at all, nothing good is really happening to me. To be fair it also probably hasn’t helped that I’ve been called fat twice in the space of a week, and then contrastingly told I’ve lost weight, so I don’t even know what to believe… I do however know this, I don’t currently feel as good in myself as I did – health-wise I mean. I feel tired and lethargic, frustrated at my lack of results, and can’t quite come to terms with the fact that it’s actually a good thing to take a few weeks off from training.

So, what am I going to do about it?

Well, given I have 6 months to achieve my goal, quite a bit. First things first I am taking the last two weeks of August off. No training and while I eat relatively cleanly during the week, it won’t be as strict. So, it’ll basically be like a holiday or death sentence for my body – read it as you will…

Then, coming back from all of this, I’ll start on the 4th September – it’s a Monday and a nice round number – and legitimately weigh myself warts and all (I already know it’ll be terrible – Prosecco is the devil’s juice). This will give me a good starting point at looking into how much weight I want to lose and how much body fat I want and need to drop.

Secondly, I’ll strip out and clean up my diet. Keep all the correct food groups as per usual – protein, carbs, fat, veg, apparently chocolate isn’t one, hence where I’ve been going wrong – and probably have my biggest portion of carbohydrates after I train, unless I’m advised otherwise.

Thirdly, I’ll have to mix up my training routine. A large part of my plateau is that my body has got used to my routine and has thus become complaisant. I – and this is more important and really bloody difficult for me as I talk for England – am going to have to take down my rest periods. I also attempt to lift as heavy as I can for as few reps as possible. I think I may have to switch this up too. While muscle burns fat, my body has got used to me training in the same manner consistently, so going for slightly lighter loads and more reps probably won’t do me any harm either. I’ll also need to add in a little more cardio… oh dear lord, this I am dreading… Although factoring HIIT into my routines may not be as bad…

So why am I telling you this? And no I wasn’t running out of ideas of what to post, but rather to once again have something that holds me accountable to achieving. Now that I’ve said it, I now have to work towards it, or else I look like a total lemon… So, I’ll keep you posted, and I’ll admit any struggles along the way, like gin and pizza… but it’s all about balance right? And a day off on occasion…

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