Love. A word recognised the world over. Four little letters that bear the most weight of any word within the English language. One syllable that can change your life forever…

It’s a gift being loved and to love someone. A gift we often don’t realise we have received until it’s gone. Not only is it a blessing to be loved by someone, but it is equally as beautiful to love someone within their entirety. You see, loving someone inspires compassion, understanding, patience when it’s difficult to have any at all, and sometimes a whole lot of waiting.

In my twenty-something years on this beautiful planet we call earth, I have been fortunate enough to have loved others, even if not receiving love in return, in the traditional sense of a relationship. Sad but true, I’ve never really experienced the joy of being someone’s entirety. To have a person who thinks of you, cares in the best way they know how, and whereby you are each other’s exclusively, is not something I’ve had the pleasure of receiving… yet.

Loving someone is a blessing not everyone in a rather self-consumed world, now gets the great fortune to possess. It encompasses you within a sense of selflessness, not always found without the ability to love. For when you love another, your continual thought is one of their happiness and success, in equal measures, whether you are directly involved or not.

Love enhances your vulnerability, but only when secure within the knowledge that the person you lay bare to, never holds judgement over your shortcomings or insecurities. It only seeks to help you overcome them if that’s what you wish, and to realise a sense of self-worth that it already sees within you. That’s not to say it doesn’t see that you are an imperfect human, in fact quite the opposite. It sees this clear as day, yet still accepts you whole-heartedly and completely.

Love dreams with you, slowly and then all at once, forever awakening with you to make this dream a reality. It sees potential, and in good faith, strives to help you see this too. It bombards you with questions, growth plans and opportunity, frustrating you in every way; driving even the most calm, sane person almost crazy. However, it is only ever executed with the best of intentions in mind.

You see, love isn’t always this bright either. It is flawed too, as is anything we are made to experience, do, or feel. It at oftentimes drowns within the vast and turbulent seas of jealousy, anger, frustration, and their far too familiar friend, doubt. It will question and question, for in its youth and innocence, it can sometimes fail to understand the varying depictions of this emotion, when it does not exactly mirror itself.

I think in the real-world, love can be experienced in a multitude of ways, not solely via a romantic relationship. It can be seen even in the darkest and most bleak of times. A lending hand. Airing concern. Remembering. Protecting. Defending. Celebrating. Surprising you, when you least expect it. Worrying. Noticing. Missing. Bothering to make things right, and even simply, by showing appreciation in the only way they know how. This is love too. Entirely. Flawlessly. Completely. And it’s presented differently by everyone we fall for.

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