21st Century Dating – It Really Is The Best…

Now you’ve heard me say – post after post – that dating in the 21st century is a first class nightmare. However, I’ve had a change of heart – sort of…

One of the biggest complaints that I hear, whether that is from people on television, men I’ve met online, friends, and as per the post back In January here, is that people don’t talk to each other. We are losing the art of conversation. However, this isn’t exactly such a bad thing…

Okay, so hear me out… We are all conversing through our phones nowadays. As I have said before, we are flirting through Tinder, following up on WhatsApp, and sending raunchy images via snapchat, all the while double-tapping on an interests latest full bodied, semi-naked, completely posed – ‘natural’ Insta-selfie, #allnatural #blessed #beautyisontheinside.

Most people have forgotten the art of conversation and hell, even the first step to getting there because it didn’t involve swiping on their profile picture to highlight interest. Catching someone’s eye in a bar, because you aren’t looking down at your phone, striking up a conversation – whether you are a guy or a girl – and then using charm and minor flirtation via words and body language will be the winning factors when succeeding in the dating game.

Ladies, I don’t care what men say, but they want this too. I think we underestimate sometimes that men enjoy romance too and enjoy being made to feel important by the way we make them feel. Especially through a natural human connection that is face-to-face. As so many other women now are too busy focusing on their phones in a bar or a club, swiping to see if they can meet anyone in the very place they are in, rather than averting their eyes from a screen and looking around, you are the one who holds the cards. You – with a little Dutch courage if needed – can go up to someone and begin a conversation. It’ll be far more effective than trying to find someone on your phone. There are also fewer women to compete with too.

Could you imagine what it was like having to compete with the likes of Marilyn Monroe? She had mastered the art of flirting with their eyes, using body language and charm to win over men, without having to use a million different filters and hashtags to gain attention from the opposite sex. Guys, you really want to have competed with the Elvis Presleys of the world, or the guy at the bar who is too busy making sure that his Instagram and Snapchat followers know that he’s on a night out?

The competition that comes with modern day dating today is that there isn’t really one. There are a million of the same options, girls with the same ‘basic bitch’ flower crown filter, or guys with their latest abs selfie, all which oversaturate the market and make it harder for you to stand out. However keeping the art of conversation in your pocket, and knowing how to use basic human charm and connection to meet someone will allow you to stand out, and get what you want. If it doesn’t work out, at the very least, you’ll know how to still talk to people, and that is probably a skill you’ll be able to take to the bank soon, so either way it’s a win!



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