A Letter To The Broken-hearted

Hey you, yes you.

I know you are hurting, and you are allowed to. It’s come as a shock; it has to us all. I just want to ask one thing of you, please don’t ever let this change you for the worse.

You are a beautiful person, every part of you is. It’s your laughter, your smile, your wit, your attitude, your zest for life and people that we all so whole-heartedly gravitate towards, and it is absolutely beautiful to see.

This heartbreak will undoubtedly alter you. You will be more wary of any future relationship you will experience. That’s only natural, when the person you love – who has been your entire world for however long – has hurt you. You will hesitate when encountering new people. You will initially question their true intentions, and at times even question yourself. What you must remember is that you are not the problem. You never were, and you never will be. What’s more, the person meant for you will love all of you, regardless.

The person meant for you will be able to make you feel like life is an eternal love song, and that you are living a fairy-tale – okay perhaps not all the time but sometimes. They will show you an entirely new way of thinking and seeing not only the world but also, yourself.

The person meant for you will embrace you in your entirety. Broken, insecure, angry, deliriously happy, well and unwell – nothing will deter them. The person made for you will make you see the good in yourself, not through force, but through believing in you so much that you will want to see it in yourself too. They will make you want to be a better person for both yourself and for them too. With the person meant for you, you will want to share your dreams with them, without hesitation, without the worry of judgment or restriction.

They will be attuned to you. They will know how you are, what you are feeling and what you are thinking before you even realise it yourself. This will be an absolute blessing, and at times a godsend too. Make no mistake; true love – real love – will not always be easy. You will have to work at it, like everything. However, it will never hurt you as badly as you are hurting now. True love will even heal the hurt you are feeling now too.

You temporarily broken-hearted beauty, take this time not to rebound, but to learn to love yourself again. Build that confidence back up to new heights. When you love yourself, don’t just say it, believe it and mean it. Become comfortable with who you are and aim to be the ideal person you want to be someday. Do this entirely for yourself because you deserve this very gift of wellness. Work on your mind, and the person you are, not just your outer appearance. For people gravitate towards you, not because of your looks, but because of the person you are. He or she may well have made you question this, but you shouldn’t, you most definitely shouldn’t.

Do not be afraid of love. Do not be afraid to love again. Second, third, fourth loves are incredible because they prove to you that love does exist, even when you thought it didn’t. Love is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give and receive. To feel this is wonderful, to give this, is even better. It feels like light-hearted melodies and walks in the city under the moonlight. You may not believe this now, but it does, and please know that love didn’t hurt you, a person unable to understand the concept of love hurt you. Those are two very, very different things. So do not fear love, and when it comes around again do not hesitate, grip it tight, and enjoy the ride.

Learn from this heartbreak and when you are ready, walk away from it, openhearted, open-minded and taking the lesson with you. Be completely open to the fact that the right person – the one – will embrace every single part of you without hesitation or question.

I love you, always. Xx

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