Can Anyone Share The Dating Handbook With Me Please, I Never Got My Copy…

Dating. It’s fun right? But confusing as hell. Now of course whenever I write about dating, I’ve got to involve Maverick. As he’s selflessly assumed the role of Casanova, love guru and all round Demi-god of courting, not to mention that he’s my right hand, he’s my go to (ah, Drake, you #lyricbae) on things like this, I had to have the conversation with him about a man’s view on dating and courting.

So the steps to acquiring a lover, effectively go like this.

1) Act interested, but not too interested. You know, don’t over text, if you get a message from a guy, wait for a while to reply (the boy said hours), men like the chase. I mean I partly agree with this, but the idea of playing a game is marginally childish if you are in your late twenties like I am.

2) Guys, get chatting to her before buying her a drink. She could totally just take the drink and leave (this I agree with, girls can be sly, you know). Well non-decent girls will be sly, there are some of us who will thank you for the offer but politely and effectively decline it.

3) Compliment her (aww) but not in the generic sense. Little bit in love with this one, not gonna lie. You know, not the ‘you have pretty eyes or great ass’, but like, notice her smile, or her earrings or something. This will work on 100% of girls, because it shows you care. Maverick is also a sly one you know, I’ve straight up seen him do this to his friends too, ever the charmer Maverick!

4) Girls this is for you – Offer to pay. Seriously. No guy wants a gold digger. He will insist on paying because he wants to take you out, but have the courtesy to offer. Not only is it polite, and shows that you have manners,  it also wins so many brownie points. Nuff said.

5) Girls, y’all need a sense of humour. Like learn to take a joke. Don’t spend the night focusing on your looks, or taking selfies or being on Snapchat. It’s not cool, it’s annoying and quite honestly, it’s rude. Also being a little bit of a lad in the banter department is great and so much fun too! Please refer back to my post on What Men Want for further information.

6) Guys and girls, if you’ve had a great date with someone, call them. Pick up the phone. Talk to them on the phone. Chat. Flirt. It’s so much easier to gauge a person’s reaction through their voice rather than WhatsApp. Also if you had a really great date, or a few dates already, you know you like the sound of  (and just straight up like) each other so why not pick up the phone? – Unless you’re like me, call a guy, he airs it, then straight away messages you asking why you called – But most people who date you, make out with you and want to go on another date with you, should be able to pick up the phone and have an actual conversation with you rather than hide behind a text. But that’s just me…

7) Don’t make lists. So I didn’t know this was a thing until Maverick played party to a little event that took place the other night. When I told him what went down and showed him what messages I sent, he straight up told me I looked psycho. So basically, I made a list responding to a question… complete with points ‘a’ and ‘b’.  Now I like lists, they are structured and organised, and show a level of progress that is tangible. Like have I ticked all that I have done off of a list? Well yeah, that’s why I made one, total #productivebae. Case and point. This whole post is a list… Except via WhatsApp then making lists makes you look crazy. I don’t really get it, but please feel free to comment and explain.

So Maverick may be my right hand, my go to (ahh… again with the Drake…) for stuff like this, but most of the time I think his rules and ideals on dating are mental… except these. These are valid points, effectively covering simple communication, humour, clarity and a little money-mindedness, which make for easy and successful dating.

Had I followed the entire set of these rules, perhaps this past week’s dating nightmare would have been marginally more successful. This past week’s drama however can most definitely be saved for another time, once I am sure of the final outcome…

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