We Don’t Talk Anymore… Cause All We Do Is WhatsApp And Snapchat…

Maverick and I were talking – as we often do – about the gloriousness of dating within the 21st century. When I say gloriousness, what I mean is full on nightmare on disaster street.

Now, both of us being in our late twenties have dated a bit, and have come to learn how people behave. Whether the people we date are younger than us (not by much, but like a few years) or around the same age as us, we have discovered that people are inherently the same. Ain’t nobody wanna talk no more.

I find the best way to get to know someone, or to catch up with someone is to hear their voice. A person’s voice is filled with expression, whether they aim for it to be or not. What I am trying to say, is that speaking to people allows me to get to know them. Understand them. Gauge how they are feeling and what they are thinking, even if they aren’t actively expressing this through their choice of words – if that makes sense. What’sApp and Snapchat, don’t really tell me this. Okay so it tells me you like to write a shit ton of messages, and that you love the different filters available on the app, but it doesn’t tell me how your day was, how you are feeling, your thoughts on different topics, all in one sitting.

Every conversation seems to be had through our phones. Through an app of some sort, whether it be a vulnerable conversation over WhatsApp, or sliding into each other’s DMs on Instagram with a meme that made you think of them, or a masterclass that would be perfect for them to try. Nowadays we rarely pick up the phone to one another to ask how their day has been, or to see if they are okay, or have eaten, or are prepared for that trip / presentation / interview / (enter exciting event here) that they’ll have the following day.

Call me old-fashioned, but I love having a conversation with someone I care about on the phone. Like if I care about you, whether you are my friend or my lover, rest assured that I am calling you to see if you are okay, to ask how life is treating you, or if you are excited for your holiday, and to wish you a safe flight, the morning before your fly away.

Nothing beats a good old vocal conversation where you can hear another’s voice. Too many things become misconstrued when we limit conversations to apps, which in turn cause arguments and unnecessary drama. I feel like we should focus more on a phone call or face to face chats. If we truly care about the person, we’d make the effort to.

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