To The Man I Passed Up On Friday. I’d Totally Buy You A Drink…

So I met a rather lovely man on Friday night. However, I basically messed up. Well let’s be honest, you all know me, so that statement is hardly surprising, is it?! So let’s go into all that had happened on that Friday night…

Friday 9th December saw our work team partake in our annual Christmas party. A team largely dominated by girls, we did as we usually do at Christmas – spend an hour and a half getting ready, listening to music, putting on make up, and of course making sure that we all had the perfect dress for the evening. We all did by the way, and we’ve all got a million and one selfies to prove it.

Our initial stop was Gem bar, Soho. It was good fun, but extremely busy. Apparently every company in London had the same thought – that their Christmas party should be on the 9th December – and the world, let me tell you, was out in full force. After a while – and too much house music – we ventured over to Zebrano on Greek Street in Soho.  We collectively love Zebrano; it has great cocktails, awesome music, and a really enjoyable atmosphere.

After ordering a round of drinks at the bar, we went downstairs to the dance floor there, as there was more space, and proceeded to dance the night away.  Shortly after, a rather attractive man, dressed casually in jeans, a white t-shirt and a black jumper, who wanted a sip of my drink, approached me. I quickly said no, and got back to dancing. However, he was persistent, and so we struck up a conversation.

His name is Ali, and he was at his work Christmas party. ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ by Mariah Carey came on as we were talking, and he made a rather great Love Actually reference. Honestly he was extremely charming. He called me beautiful, thought I always get chatted up by loads of men – I don’t by the way – and found my friends to be rather intimidating too. He needn’t have felt that way though, they all thought he was lovely – and hot, I think the general consensus was.

He wanted to buy me a drink, but I’d stopped drinking by that point, and was only drinking coke. In hindsight, I should have said yes to a coke… I know, I totally have no idea why I didn’t, but I strangely always feel bad when people want to buy me a drink. He could dance, was funny and even knew the words to Giggs’ Lock Doh – So a grime fan – but we didn’t switch numbers… a complete schoolboy error.

Now he approached me, he made the first move, and it was great, but I didn’t make the next one to exchange numbers. You know me, and my belief in female empowerment. Women should, and have every right to, make a move too.  If we know someone is interested, and they’ve pursued us, the ball in then in our court to take it further. I also think it’s okay for a girl to ask a guy out. I agree that it can be intimidating for both parties. It’s scary for a girl to put herself out there – well guys do it all the time, so you can too – but it really won’t kill you. Similarly, it’s daunting for a man for two reasons. Firstly men are typically expected to make a move. Secondly when women empower themselves, and present themselves confidently to men, it’s scary. It’s atypical. And because it’s not as common, men are often caught off guard and unsure how to react.

It also allows a man to weigh up whether they could deal with a woman who is independent and confident. It can be seen as being emasculating. However it shouldn’t be, and there are so many men who find it incredibly liberating and admirable.

So as Friday night proved, we all have a crazy moment every now and then, this was mine… However, if I were ever to run into this man again, I would definitely ask for his number and buy him a drink.

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