Alright, so here’s a funny story, which I think pretty much sums my life up in a nutshell. It’s truly comedic and has most definitely made for great blog material.

Well, since I’m an open book, here goes. I don’t tend to have the best of luck when it comes to dating. So those closest to me are well aware of this, and love the weekly installment of my failures. I mean, I’m dateable – I think – well, with my flirt game being so amazing, I get dates… I just don’t often really go beyond that.

So I once met this guy who asked me out. Now I’m the type of girl who, when you ask her out, believes that you will actually follow through. Call me crazy, I know… so anyway, back to this guy. We got talking, flirting, you know, it was going well. So he asks me out, and I say yes. He decides on a place to meet and to go, and we leave it at that.

A few days later, I’ve not heard from him – aside from him adding me on Facebook and Instagram, and all the standard social media go-tos. Me being totally and completely naive, was thinking that he was busy or something. So I drop him a message. No reply. A day later, another. No reply. So I drop him one final note about the date. Unsurprisingly at this point, i didn’t get a single reply.

I got ghosted. Ghosted! I’ve never been ghosted in my life. I’m not the type to do it to anyone either. If I’m not interested or am losing interest in someone, the messages slow down, but I will eventually let them know I’m not actually that interested. Ghosted. Like when someone completely ignores you. Completely! I don’t really see the point to be fair. Like if you aren’t interested, just say. There are plenty more men out there. I’m sure I’ll move on. I’d prefer being told than ignored, but whatever…

So why do we as millennials behave in this way? When did it become okay to treat people like this? I think at times like this, this is where it goes beyond the realms of whether or not you are truly interested in a person, but transcends into having a little bit of respect for others.

We have the world at our fingertips now – think social media, tinder, amazon prime – and as great as this is, its made us want everything yesterday. Instantly, rather than putting a little effort into things. It’s also made us a little more rude. Perhaps the more of us that become aware of how we are behaving, the more likely we are to change this…

I mean, it’s kinda funny if you think about it. My friends and my sister always say this stuff can only happen to me, and that I legit can’t catch a break… oh well. Onto the next one.



Posted by Selina

I’m Selina, I live on the outskirts of London with my parents, sister and my rather adorably insane golden Labrador, Bailey. I am often found rambling onto others (mainly friends and family) about my love of food, fashion, books, films, the gym and more. Not to mention the million and one opinions that are forever busying themselves in my brain. Most of what I have to say is based on experience, or at times a lack of. Not forgetting of course my rather fantastic failures… (falling downstairs after a speech in front of my entire division at school anyone?!). All of this has created a desire for discovery and a penchant to put pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard and tell the world. So please feel free to join me on this rather odd and exciting adventure called life. I do hope you like, love and laugh out loud at what you read.


  1. You should write more blogs like this!
    I loved it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️



    1. Thank you! I will do. 🙂



  2. 50 yr old folk do it too, I assure you. Just don’t do it when it’s your turn. Choose not to be slack!



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