A Fear Of The Scales? Let’s Conquer It…

For anyone trying to lose weight, it’s always difficult when it comes to the time to step on the scales.

I’m not sure about you, but i used to dread it. I also became a little obsessed with it too. Before training with Jack, it was a daily constant, stepping on the scales to see if I’ve dropped anything at all. I remember one of the first training sessions I had with my trainer, and him asking me whether I weighed myself recently. I lied and said I hadn’t. In all honesty I didn’t want to admit how bad it had got. Saying it aloud, to me, made it real.

Sure enough he got me on the scales and kept track of it on his iPad. Each week we would track how much I had lost or gained depending on my week. Most of the time it did decrease.

Now over time it’s gotten better. It’s decreased, slowly and I am now considerably lighter than I was. But you know what? My whole attitude now has changed towards it. This is because I understand it. I understand my physical breakdown in terms of muscle, fat, water etc. I’ll even let you into a little secret… I quite enjoy getting on the scale now.

I now only weigh myself once a week. And am no longer obsessed with what the scales say, and how my body weight fluctuates each day. When I weigh myself I look forward to what it says. I use a boditrax machine which calculates a multitude of different things such as your muscle mass, body fat percentage, water percentage, metabolic age and more. I put on weight this week, and I was happy!

You see looking at my overall body weight, and the fact that it has increased by a kilo, you’d think I’d be super angry and do everything in my power to lose it. Well not this girl. Hell no! You see, that kilo of weight was muscle mass. My muscle mass increased by a kilo, thus pushing up my overall body weight.

My body fat percentage decreased this week, as has my visceral fat and metabolic age. This is exactly what I want. You see with more muscle I become stronger and my body needs more fuel, meaning I can eat more. It can do more, I feel better, and with more muscle and some good fuel in the form of clean foods, my body eats away at my body fat.

I wouldn’t have known this without my scales, and a little straight talking and support from my trainer of course. This is precisely why I love the scales so much and so glad I’ve conquered my fear. If I have a bad week and my stats go in the opposite direction, i.e. My body fat increases and my muscle mass decreases then it allows me to reassess my week.

I look at what I did differently rather than letting it depress me, and then adapt. Those scales have allowed me to create a plan that aligns with my goals, all by showing how my behaviour in the gym and with food affects key stats.

Muscle also weighs more than fat, so my body weight is entirely subjective at this point. The boditrax machine also shows a brightly coloured dot on a chart highlighting my physique. It’s getting ever closer to being strong and muscular, so y’all, I’m winning!

So from someone who feared the scales I share this with you. The scales shouldn’t be your focus each day. Your body weight will fluctuate for a million different reasons. Try to limit it to once a week Ideally at the same time. I weigh myself at 9pm on a Thursday. If I can’t one week, I don’t and I leave a two week gap. Again that’s not a problem!

Also, try to think about what you want to achieve. Loose weight, yeah, but why? To look thinner? Well then you need to build muscle to adapt your body shape and burn more fat while you are resting. Listen to you body too, if the scales aren’t showing you what you want, reassess what you are doing. You may have to adapt your workout or your food in order to drop more weight. You may not even be eating enough! If you don’t eat enough your body stores fat. So the scale stays the same… love the scales! They are helping you, not insulting you…

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