To Snap Or To Insta a Story – That Is The Question…

Quick thought…

Snapchat Stories or Instagram Stories?

Honestly, I’m all for these Instagram stories. This is a personal preference for me, because I prefer Instagram. I’ve been using it longer, and it’s more simple to use.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Snapchat (mainly when I’m drunk to be honest, it’s literally the only time I post anything to my story), of course the best part are the filters, and I make no secret that I use the beauty filter on Snapchat, save the selfie and then go and post it on Instagram. But I don’t actually post them to Snapchat.

I have like 20 people who follow me on Snapchat, purely because I don’t actually engage on it all that often (and they are also family – yay for cool points…). I also think I follow about 25 people. Most of the time I don’t open it up, (actually that’s not wholly true of late, because I watch a lot of the stories posted by The Body Coach – Beautiful! Midget Trees!!!).


I much prefer Instagram. I like the imagery of it. The fact you can post videos and photos and that they stay there. That you can hashtag, and search popular tags and find links to interesting articles, new clothing and more. I enjoy seeing various talents on Instagram, my fellow bloggers from all over the world documenting their lives. My friends who showcase how talented they are, through their passion for music, writing or even their artistic talents or design skills, where before they didn’t have the courage, platform, or ease of reach to do so. I also find Instagram sleeker, cleaner in its design, and easier to use. It also allows you to use Boomerang too! Genius!!

From a business perspective, the introduction of Instagram stories to the platform is brilliant. It’s a social media honey pot, which – like bees to honey – almost every human with a smartphone has downloaded, either to try it out, or as millennials would have it, use it at almost every second of every day. It’s been tested in the market, and it’s had immensely positive feedback. Everybody talks about Snapchat stories. Memes are made about them. People even promote their Snapchat accounts on Instagram trying to increase their followers.

So I heard somewhere that good artists copy, but great artists steal… (This was Picasso by the way…) While this is basically what the Zuckerberg empire has done, I actually think it’ll be better. It’s also doing one more thing that Snapchat hasn’t been able to do, because basically, Snapchat is clunky. Instagram can get people of all different ages actually using stories. A wider age group of people use Instagram and this will just allow them to gain a better relationship with social media. While this may well have Millennials and Generation Z writhing in frustration, it expands the scope and reach of Instagram, meaning more money for the empire… Win!

Snapchat Raising Money That Could Value Company At Up To $19 Billion

It also means that people don’t have to update a Snapchat story and then save it and upload it to Instagram (although people will still inevitably do this), they can upload everything onto one seamless, and easy to use app.

While I am sure that there will be kinks in the armour for the time-being – naturally, I mean the new app update is like a day old. I think it has some real long-term staying potential within the Social Media market. It also has the power to completely overtake the overpowering life-force that is Snapchat – if of course we are willing to give it a go at least once…

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